Esoteric Quality

Blind revolutionary, rapper, singer, writer, and producer


Society thought they could prevent the success and mission of a blind man, but this blind man defied authority, conventionality, gave a voice to the voiceless, and turned the spirit of revolution on its head. Meet Esoteric Quality.

Esoteric Quality was born Clayton Alexander Jacobs August 21, 1987 in Iowa City, Iowa. He was then diagnosed with a condition called bilateral optic nerve hypoplasia, which in layman’s language means that both the optic nerves in his eye did not develop properly, thus he cannot see images the way a normal person would. By the age of 2, he got started in reading Braille, a tool that today only 10% of blind children are fluent in. By the age of five or so, he was not only reading, but was playing the organ and showed great potential as a musician. At the age of seven, he raised money to purchase a piano. At the age of eleven, he invented a touch system for blind people to identify paper money, and he won the Iowa State Invention Convention. Throughout his life, Clayton Jacobs lived in constant turmoil, due to family and school issues. His musical accomplishment, Struggles of a Blind Man,was composed and written duringhis college years. At 21, colleges denied him admission because of blindness. He also did not receive many of the accommodations he would have used to excel and succeed in his college classes, which is how his song came to the forefront. He wrote Struggles of a Blind Man to highlight that disability rights are civil rights and intersectional, making references to Rosa Parks and the eventual bus boycott back in the day that inflamed passions on all sides but led to the end of such evil caselaw as Plessy V. Ferguson, upended by Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka. Besides these references, he highlights that most blind adults who can’t work must go many days on social security. Social security, as he and many others will tell you, does not pay out enough to truly live on.

His most recent accomplishments to date besides Struggles of a Blind Man include the Don’t Breathe mix tape with rapper King Swift. He is currently working on his album. Even in his work as a revolutionary, writer, hip hop artist, and advocate for persons with disabilities, he encounters access and Civil Rights issues. Thesebarriers deny people who have great potential; because of the presence of a disability, many businesses refuse to hire. Still, he is motivated to win and overcomes against all odds. He is the CEO of Blind Money Records. He distributes his current single and all forthcoming work under the name Esoteric Quallity. It encapsulates the thought that he has obscure, or rather esoteric, qualities that make him stand out from other artists. Currently, he lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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